Workshop on Knowledge Representation and Information Management for Financial Risk Management

The credit crisis of 2008 and the ensuing Great Recession have shone a light into the hitherto esoteric world of investment data processing. The lack of consensus or acceptable best practices around standards, agreed upon definitions, procedures, metrics, and mathematical techniques have left supervisory agencies unable to ingest market information in either a timely manner that would permit a macro-prudential response, or even determine what information might be missing. This has resulted in the following unsatisfactory situation:
The purpose of this NSF sponsored workshop is to help develop the underlying theory and framework that might unify the disparate ongoing and planned efforts at understanding and managing the enormous data and information flows in the financial services industry, and to develop a comprehensive list of the challenges in this domain with respect to robust risk assessment and management.
The workshop is sponsored by the National Science Foundation CISE III Program under Grant IIS-1033927.


July 21-22, 2010


Principal Investigators


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